Changing your horses routine

As summer begins to slowly creep in, many horse owners are starting to think about changing from the winter routine. Over winter, most horse owners choose to use a combination of stabling and turnout. If weather conditions are particularly bad, some horses will be stabled for the duration of winter until paddocks dry out and weather conditions improve. Below, are Red Gorilla's top tips for changing your horses routine.

Try to make changes slowly

Horses have delicate digestive systems and are often creatures of habit and routine. If you want to keep your horse happy and healthy, try to make changes gradually. For example, if your horse has been stabled with restrictive turnout, it might not be the best idea to straight away let them live out all the time.

Be prepared

If the weather is beginning to get warmer, it might be time to think about storing your heavy weight winter rugs. Similarly, its time to start searching for your fly mask and fly spray! Spring time is a good time of year to get organised with everything you might need for summer. It's also a great time to give your stable a 'spring clean'.

Check everything is up to scratch

The winter weather hasn't been considerate of our paddocks and grassland this year. Before you start to change the routine and give your horse more turnout time, make sure your paddock is up to scratch. Bad weather like the most recent storms Ciara and Dennis may have caused damage to your fencing or blown some debris into your paddock.

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