4 Reasons Your Child Should Learn How To Muck Out

Fitness & Health

Mucking out is a great way for children to get exercise and fresh air! With technology ever increasing and children seemingly spending more and more time on their phones, tablets and computers, stable management is a great way for children to get active and fit. Mucking out just one stable can be equivalent to almost half an hour's brisk walking.

Learning To Appreciate

As a horsey parent, you may sometimes feel like an 'unpaid groom'. Riding horses can teach children important life lessons: patience, perseverance, hard work. Its often easy to muck out for your children, especially if you're short for time or if you're a bit of a perfectionist but having your children muck out their ponies a couple of times a week can help them to appreciate the hard work looking after horses takes.

Get them involved

The struggle is real if you're a horse-owning parent who has to take the kids to the yard when you muck out. Trying to do all the jobs you need to get done and keep the kids out of mischief is not a task for the faint-hearted! If you've got to take your children with you to the yard, why not get them involved and teach them some basic horse care or stable management? You never know, in a few years you might have created your own personal groom!

Children's Equipment

As a horsey parent, you may think there's nothing more cute than seeing your little one kitted out in the teeny jodhpur boots wearing a big bobble hat silk but imagine them all horseyed up wandering around with a teeny wheel barrow and mini mucking out set trying to help you round the yard. Red Gorilla sell a range of children's mucking out equipment including a tidee set, broom, wheelbarrow and fork! Check them out HERE!

Get involved

Friends of #TEAMRED are a group of equestrians who have shared their riding experiences, hints tricks and stories with Red Gorilla. Check them out on the Friends of #TEAMRED page or if you've got stable management tips send them in or post a photo with the hashtags #RedGorilla. Get in touch via the Contact Us page.

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