How Should You Be Feeding Your Horse?

With over 100 equine feed companies in the UK, thousands of veterinary practices and more people with opinions than you care to count; feeding can be a minefield. We've composed this simple feed guide to help solve your problems.

To Stir Or Not To Stir?

For the majority of horse owners, a mix or grain is added with a handfull of chaff - a mix of chopped hay and straw. Chaff helps to bulk out concentrated feeds and help encourage your horse to chew. Unlike people, horses can only produce saliva when they are chewing. More chewing equals more saliva which aids digestion. It is important to stir your horses concentrated feeds for the Chaff to do its job effectively. Your feed needs to be evenly distributed through with mix. Plastic stirrers are often the best to use to help evenly distribute the mix. Unlike wooden stirrers, food can't stick to them and they are easy to clean. We recommend the Red Gorilla® StirUp.

Should I Be Adding Water?

The best answer is - whatever works best for you and your horse! However, there are benefits to adding water to your horses feed. Adding water will soften harder mixes making is easier for older horses to chew. It can also help supplements, medications and powders stick to the feed. Adding water can also aid in your horses hydration - this is particularly important during the Summer and Winter where your horse may be deterred from drinking cold water. A little added water can bring all the benefits discussed above however it's also important to remember adding too much water may result in your horse passing the feed through their digestive system too quickly therefore not absorbing all of the nutrients.

What Type of Feed Should I Use?

It can be difficult to decide what type or brand of feed to feed your horse. It can be dependent on your horses temperament, breed, age, size and workload. There are many feeding companies that will come out to visit you and your horse, free of charge, to offer advice on feeding products.

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