How to keep your horse hydrated this summer

The average horse will drink between 22-46 litres per day. This is approximately equivalent to a Large Gorilla Tub. During the summer months, horses are likely to lose more water through sweating. This makes it super important to make sure we are helping our horses stay hydrated in the summer months.

Keep it clean

If left, your horses water can become unhealthy and stagnant. This can make it unpleasant to drink from and a potential host to harmful bacteria. Supplying fresh water in a clean tub or trough will encourage your horse to drink. We recommend the Red Gorilla Large Tubs or if you've got a particularly thirsty horse, the extra Large Tubs that can hold up to 75 litres of water! These sorts of water bucket are often the easiest to clean too.

Make it tasty

Some horses simply have a more refined palette and may find nice tasting water more enticing. Try putting apples in your horses water trough or tub for them to 'apple bob'. The tasty treat will encourage your horse to play in the water and take a drink. Some horse owners even choose to add small amounts of mint extract or apple juice to their horses water to encourage drinking.

Try a different approach

If you have tried encouraging your horse to drink in the stable or field and it simply isn't working for you, you can try feeding your horse a watery feed with an electrolyte supplement. This will help keep your horse hydrated but be aware of the impacts of feeding on your horses diet.

Keep track

Horse owners can often worry about how much their horse is drinking in the summer months. If your horse has an automatic water trough, it can be difficult to calculate how much they have been drinking. We recommend Red Gorilla Tubs. Red Gorilla tubs come in a wide variety of sizes and colours and to keep track of your horses hydration, a measure on the inside of the tub!

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