How to keep your horse hydrated this summer

The average horse will drink between 22-46 litres per day, which is approximately equivalent to a Large Gorilla Tub. During the summer months, horses are likely to lose more water through sweating making it super important to ensure your horses get enough to drink.

Keep it clean

If left, your horses water can become unhealthy and stagnant. This can make it unpleasant to drink from and a potential host to harmful bacteria. Supplying fresh water in a clean tub or trough will encourage your horse to drink. We recommend the Red Gorilla Large and Extra Large Tubs because these sorts of water bucket are often the easiest to clean.

Keep it easily accessible

Make sure your horses can easily access their water supply safely. Try to avoid using troughs with sharp edges or bits hanging off them as these pose a hazard to your horse and may deter them from drinking. Instead, we recommend using round edged troughs like the Red Gorilla Multi-Tubs - these are particularly useful if you've got multiple horses in the paddock!

Make it tasty

Some people like to use 'enticing' tricks to encourage their horses to drink enough through the summer months. For example, some people put apples in troughs and Tubs for horses to 'apple bob' encouraging them to play in the water and take a drink. Some horse owners even choose to add small amounts of mint extract or apple juice to their horses water to encourage drinking.

An alternative approach

During the summer months, particularly after hard work, some people give their horses a heavily watered down feed, sometimes with an electrolyte supplement.

Hay soaking

Another way to ensure your horse is getting plenty of water this summer is to soak their hay. If you do choose to soak your horse's hay, we recommend investing in a Red Gorilla Multi-Tub for soaking!

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