How To Prevent Your Horses Water Freezing This Winter

Winter can be a difficult time for equestrians. It can feel like a constant battle against mucking out, mud bath paddocks and continuously trying to patch up your horses' shredded rugs. One winter challenge horse owners face is trying to prevent water buckets and troughs from freezing. Red Gorilla® have shared their top tips to prevent freezing water supplies.

Larger Tubs

The general rule is that the larger the vessel, the longer it takes to freeze. To help the freezing process slow down you should try switching your usual water bucket for a larger one. Red Gorilla® offer an Extra Large 75L Gorilla Tub in a variety of colours which is available HERE. If you're looking for an even bigger alternative, try a Red Gorilla® Multi-tub or Container, available HERE.

Natural Insulation

Insulating your tubs and water buckets can help to slow down the rate of heat loss. This, in turn, slows down the freezing process. First, place a tub or bucket of water into a slightly bigger tub/bucket. Second, insulate the space in between the two buckets with any type of material you can find. Any unwanted hay, straw or manure can be used as insulating materials.

Remove Ice

An important job for horse owners during the winter is breaking the ice in troughs and water supplies. A lot of people will kick or bash ice to break it, usually to avoid getting wet and avoid your hands feeling freezing for the rest of the day. To increase the time before your water freezes again, it is best to fully remove all pieces of ice. You might need some waterproof gloves for this one!

Get involved

Do you have any stable management tips or tricks? Friends of #TEAMRED are a group of equestrians who have shared their riding experiences, hints tricks and stories with Red Gorilla. Check them out on the Friends of #TEAMRED page or if you've got stable management tips send them in or post a photo with the hashtags #RedGorilla. Get in touch via the Contact Us page.

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