Part 2 - Riding exercises with Tubs

Here is part 2 of get creative in the arena with affordable equipment! (Click here to read part 1, if you haven't already) The images below show a diagram of an arena with small circles inside. These small circles represent Gorilla Tubs. You can use any size or colour you want. Get yours here! You can fill your Tubs with a small amount of water or a heavier item so they stay nice and still whilst you're riding, place them around your arena like the diagrams below and you're ready to start some training exercises!

Traffic light transitions

For this exercise, place three (or more to increase difficulty) different coloured Tubs around your arena. We've used traffic light coloured tubs to help explain the exercise. Each colour corresponds to a different pace, indicating where to make the transition. For example, trot to the green tub, make a walk transition at the orange tub and then a halt transition at the red tub. This exercise can be made into a bigger challenge by changing the transitions you're practicing. So, for a more advanced rider, the transitions may be direct (e.g trot-halt) or within the pace (e.g. working trot-medium trot).

Circle Tubs

You can use your tubs to mark out different sized circles, then practice riding around them to improve accuracy. This is a great exercise to introduce different sized circles to beginner riders. For more advanced riders, the tubs can be used as markers for practicing lateral movements on a circle (e.g spiralling in and spiralling out).

Corner practice

This exercise is a great way to remind beginner riders to ride into the corners. Simply place four tubs (colours of your choice) in the corners of your arena and practice riding around them and into the corner. Remember - the further into the corner you place the tub, the more difficult it will be to ride. This exercise is most useful for beginner riders but can also be a great reminder exercise for more advanced riders or can be used to introduce young or nervous horses to equipment in the arena.

Affordable fillers

Tubs can be used as 'fillers' for show jumping practice. Fill your tubs with a small amount of water or a little sand to keep them still, then place them either side of a jump to create a little challenge for you and your horse.

Get involved

Do you have an interesting story or horse care and stable management tips? Perhaps this article has inspired you to create some 'Tub exercises' of your own. Get in touch by clicking here.

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