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As we begin to approach spring, many of us are dusting off our showing jackets, polishing the mud from our riding boots and preparing for a new season of outings - that is not including the hardiest of all equestrians - those who take part in winter riding. Those sorts of rider will most likely be found either slowly thawing out from a block of ice or recovering from chill blains and mild hypothermia. To help you get your lorry ready this spring, Red Gorilla have given their most recommended products for traveling.

There's nothing worse than arriving at your local show jumping grounds, jumping clear and having the best round you've ever had only for your trusty steed to drop an elephant poop in the middle of the car park when you haven't got a rake & scoop! The Red Gorilla Tidee companion set comes with the scoop, rake and mini broom. It's an allrounder for travel essentials. Small enough to fit in your trailer or lorry with ease but big enough to handle even the most elephant resembling of poops.

Whether its to give your horse a quick drink between classes, sponge off after riding or to use as storage for your brushes, everyone needs at least one Gorilla Tub to take on the lorry. They come in a variety of colours and sizes. Get yours by clicking the photo above.

If the tidee companion set broom isn't quite big enough for you, the Gorilla Broom will definitely be your best friend. Like most Red Gorilla products, it comes in a variety of colours and in three different sizes! These brooms aren't just great for whilst you're out and about but for cleaning out your lorry or trailer too. They come with a built in scraper blade and their bristles get right into grooves on ramps!

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