The top horsey products for the eco-friendly horse owner

Sustainability and eco-friendly consumerism is a globally increasing trend. Whilst equestrian may not be one of the most well known industries for demanding environmentally friendly products, the list of available eco-friendly horsey goods is expanding. Here's some of our favourites:

Red Gorilla's recycled Tubs

Red Gorilla's recycled range are available in all sizes in the colour black. They can be used for feeding, watering, storage and skipping out. Whilst Red Gorilla's range of coloured tubs are recyclable, we think the recycled range are a great way to be eco-friendly.

Chestnut Horse Feeds - Bulk Bin feeding

Chestnut Horse Feeds have been reducing plastic usage for their customers since 2007. The bulk bin system is the only one of its kind in the UK. Chestnut's high quality, high fibre, palatable range is delivered direct to your yard, safely sealed in a re-usable, waterproof, rodent proof and lockable bin, drastically reducing single use plastic. When you're ready for a new bin of feed, simply place your order, Chestnut Horse Feeds will take your empty bin away and deliver a fresh, full bin ready for use. In the past 12 months over 340,000 kg of feed has been sent out in bulk bins, equating to over 17,000 plastic bags that have not gone to landfill!

Sorbeo Bedding
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Sorbeo is an eco friendly horse bedding that is 100% carbon neutral. It's Made in south west Scotland on the edge of the Dumfries and Galloway forest, using virgin spruce pine grown within a 60 mile radius. Keeping this distance minimal helps Sorbeo horse bedding to be one of the most eco-friendly bedding manufacturers in the UK! To reduce carbon emissions further, some of the felled trees are shipped to the Ayrshire factory by boat. Few global wood pellet manufacturers can boast such a small carbon footprint. With every bag of eco-friendly horse bedding bought, the Sorbeo consumer buys into a unique cycle of sustainability. Every tree Sorbeo harvests is replaced with a forest seedling. Sorbeo forests are registered with the Forest Stewardship Council, which promotes responsible forest management by setting standards and labelling them as eco-friendly. To further support environmental sustainability, Sorbeo packaging is completely recyclable!

Plastecowood equine fencing

Plastecowood offer a sustainable alternative to traditional post and and rail fencing. To achieve this, they use a product called Smartawood™. Smartawood is generated waste plastic that would otherwise be destined for burial in landfill repurposed into new long lasting products. Plasteco estimate that for every 1 tonne of Smartawood, 700kg (70%) of carbon is diverted from landfill!

Canter Carpet by Potter Group
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The Potter Group has been at the forefront of carpet recycling for many years. Their vision is to make a significant contribution to reducing the 400,000 tonnes of carpet waste created annually in the UK. Potters use advanced technologies and equipment to process recycled carpet materials into high-performance Canter Carpet equestrian surfaces. This involves selecting the best quality synthetic carpets by hand, shredding and processing the carpets through a magnetic machine that removes all contaminants. The result is a clean, durable and weather-resistant product which will provide many more years of use as a high-performance equestrian surface.

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