Top Time Saving Stable Management Tips

As winter draws in it brings bitter winds, rain, snow and those 'just five more minutes under the duvet' feelings. We all like to enjoy those extra few minutes snuggled up before the morning yard visit. Red Gorilla® have compiled a list of their Top Time Saving Stable Management Tips.

Preparation is Key

If you're desperate for that extra five minutes under the duvet, prepare as much as you can the evening before. Pre-make feeds and cover them with a Tubtops/Tub covers and fill hay nets; making sure all rugs, boots or any other equipment you need for the next morning is easily accessible. Being organised and prepared will help you save time in the mornings.

The Weekend Clear Out

If you're a perfectionist and you prefer to have a very clean stable and do a full muck out each day; try having a 'big' clear out of your stable at the weekend. This can help to make your stable cleaner during the week. Ensure you turn over all bedding and remove any muck or debris before adding a full stable of fresh shavings or straw. If you want to go the extra mile, use a broom to remove cobwebs or clean your stable matting. If you know you'll need extra fresh bedding during the week, try adding more during the weekend when you do your 'big clear out' and bank it up the sides of the stable. You'll find it will be much quicker to add fresh bedding to your bed during the week.

Skipping Out VS Mucking Out

To save time, some horse owners prefer to 'deep litter' their horse's stables. This involves removing only surface droppings and muck, leaving soiled bedding underneath and adding fresh shavings or straw on top. Most horse owners who choose to deep litter will then have a big clear out of their stable periodically either once or twice per week.

Buddy Up

If you're on a livery yard or stable your horses with other people, why not buddy up and create a rota or schedule for all the jobs that need to be done around the yard. Sharing out chores on specific days to work around your schedule might give you a few extra hours each week. Alternatively, buddying up to listen to a podcast, vlog or having a good chat can make the tedious jobs a little more interesting.

Use the right tools

If you want to be more efficient when you're mucking out or doing yard chores, you need to use the right equipment. Red Gorilla offer a wide range of equipment for every job, check out there website HERE.

Get involved

Friends of #TEAMRED are a group of equestrians who have shared their riding experiences, hints tricks and stories with Red Gorilla. Check them out on the 'friends of #TEAMRED page or if you've got stable management tips send them in or post a photo with the hashtags #RedGorilla. Get in touch via the Contact Us page.

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