What type of horse owner are you?

Take this quiz and find out what type of horse owner you are.

1. What type of bedding does your horse have?

A. A pristine shavings bed – definitely!

B. Always has to be a deep straw bed for me

C. My horse lives out

D. I’ll use whatever is cheapest!

2. How much time do you spend at the yard?

A. I’m there pretty much all day. Morning ‘til night. Who needs lunch anyway?

B. However long it takes me to get that perfectly flat bed and a clean pony!

C. I get up early, get my jobs done then I like to have the day to myself

D. Sometimes… I have an accidental lie in then have to do a mad rush to get to the yard… oops

3. What do you do when you aren’t at the yard with your horse?

A. What do you mean not at the yard? I practically live there!

B. I’m shopping for horsey things!

C. I like to chill, watch films and enjoy a few tasty homemade snacks

D. I’m normally out with friends, promising myself I’ll remember to set an alarm for the horse in the morning

4. When you’re at the yard, how much time do you spend mucking out?

A. As long as it takes! There will be no nugget poo left and my bed will be perfectly flat at all times!

B. I spend enough time that if my instructor sees my bed I’m not going to get told off but not enough time that my bed always looks perfect!

C. I muck out, do what I need to do but that’s it…the horse is just going to poop in it all over again isn’t he?

D. I spend as little time mucking out as possible! I need to make as much time as possible for riding, grooming and the hundred other jobs I need to do!

5. Which one are you most likely to be doing on a Sunday afternoon?

A. Clean my made to measure, embroidered special edition saddle

B. Trying to learn my dressage test for next week!

C. Having a relaxed hack with my fury best friend

D. Trying to find a clean pair of breeches to wear for my lesson and I’m already 15 minutes late!

6. Your horse comes in a little wobbly on a foreleg, what do you do?

A. Call the vet, physiotherapist, farrier and buy the entire health section of my local tack shop

B. Spend half an hour on Google before assuming an it’s abscess, poulticing the hoof and bandaging it in coloured vet wrap before deciding it’s not neat enough and do it all over again.

C. Pull a confused face for a little while, remember the time your childhood pony had a sore foot and it turned out to be just an abscess and make an appointment with the farrier

D. Hobble over to the horse myself with my own sore foot and tell it this is how my foot felt when you stood on it yesterday!

7. The perfect ride is…

A. A hardcore dressage lesson to prepare for an upcoming show

B. A good ride with a friend, jumping over some small cross poles

C. Any ride where my four legged friend behaves himself and I stay on board!

D. A bareback hack across the fields with a yummy picnic in tow!


Mostly A’s

You’re a needy ponies perfect owner! Your attention to detail and strive for perfection is second to none. You are the one with the stable everyone is envious of, the pristinely kept equipment and impeccably behaved horse. You will stop at nothing to ensure your horse is the best kept on the yard.

With a passion for perfection as strong as yours, you need reliable tools and innovative equipment to help you achieve your dream stables. You most definitely need the complete Matchy Matchy collection - in your favourite colour to match all of your other stuff of course!

Mostly B’s

Your love for your horse and devotion to equestrianism is exquisite. You would love to spend more time making your stable the neatest on the yard but also need to practice for that upcoming competition. You need efficient and reliable tools to help you get the job done effectively and efficiently whilst looking stylish. You need the Red Gorilla stable bed set or the Red Gorilla shavings bed set.

Mostly C’s

You’re a keen horse lover and adore your four-legged fury friend but you have other commitments too. You would love to spend more time at the yard but when its rainy and snowy or your garden sun lounger is calling you, you want to make sure you get in your ‘me time’. You need efficient and reliable tools to help you get the job done effectively and efficiently. You need the Red Gorilla feeding set for sure and maybe even the Red Gorilla shavings bed set or straw bed set!

Mostly D’s

You’re an old school seasoned rider. You’ve had horses for as long as you can remember but you’ve got so much going on in your life, making the perfect stable just cant be a priority anymore. You need reliable tools to help you be efficient and keep up with the trends.

You would most certainly benefit from creating your own matchy matchy stable set to get the job done fast. You should include a deluxe broom for fast 'flicky' sweeping in wet or dry conditions. Definitely include a big tidee to get more muck in one go! And you almost certainly need a Red Gorilla dripfeed to keep your pony entertained when you can't be at the yard.

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