Have you ever been a walking, talking pile of hay?

Winter is in full swing! Those of you who own horses or work on yards know what this means. Getting your boot stuck in the bog paddock, having waterproof trousers as your new best friend and surviving the next few months trying not to turn into an actual block of ice. But how many of us have experienced being a walking, talking pile of hay?

It's 8 am on a Saturday and you've just about managed to drag yourself away from the warm duvet to come and feed your horse. You've filled your wheelbarrow nearly as high as a two-story building. (You don't care if you can't see, you refuse to do two trips) When a gust of wind blows your perfectly piled hay-barrow all over the yard. You now have hay in your boots, down your top and even down your breeches! This 'hay' look is one pulled off by most equestrians - but it's not the favoured fashion.

If you've ever experienced this, you need the Red Gorilla® Wheel Barrow cover. They're designed to fit the Red Gorilla 90L wheelbarrow but are adaptable to fit most wheelbarrows too. Check them out by clicking on the image below:

Get involved

Do you have a funny story about being a walking, talking pile of hay? Friends of #TEAMRED are a group of equestrians who have shared their riding experiences, hints tricks and stories with Red Gorilla®. Check them out on the Friends of #TEAMRED page, or if you've got stable management tips send them in or post a photo with the hashtag #RedGorilla. You can get in touch via the Contact Us page.

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